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Basement Renovations

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Scaled & Easy To Read Basement Renovations Permit Drawings

Whether you are a home owner or a contractor and have your design ready, We Can Help!

Basement Renovations Permit Drawings 

Are you ready to finally finish that basement renovation?


Need some drawings to start your basement renovation project?


We can take your ideas and put them on paper to help you make your finest man cave, creative studio, home gym or even a space for your entire family to enjoy.


Our easy process helps you submit for a building permit and bring your project to life.


The permitting process has been getting more difficult and expensive! We provide affordable, scaled technical drawings to help you get through the permit process quicker.

Get in touch with us today & we can discuss your project & produce your technical drawings so your building project runs smooth.

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Answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Basement Renovations services...

Do I need technical drawings to get a permit for my basement renovation in Ontario?

In most cases in Ontario the home owner is exempt from requiring a designer in order to permit a project at your home however; you must have drawings to provide to your municipality. 

What happens if you finish a basement renovation without a permit?

The risk is on the homeowner if you finish a basement without a permit. Your insurance company may not cover your new project, the municipality may be alerted to your project and come for a surprise visit which could include fines and a cease and desist order.

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