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Custom Home Designs

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Personalized Custom Home Designs

 If you are looking for personalized service for your custom home design, We Can Help!

Custom Home Designs

We help people get started with their custom home designs to bring their dream home to reality. You need help getting your design drafted up and put through the permit process. If you have your custom home design ideas ready, we can help!

Building a custom home has become more difficult due to regulations. Our experienced team provides personalized service, site plan creation and experienced support from start to finish.

Get in touch with us today & we can discuss your project & produce your technical drawings so your custom home design project runs smooth.



Answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Building Permit Drawings services...

What kind of drawings are needed for custom home designs?

A typical custom home design package includes a site plan, existing and new layout plans, elevations and details. The size of your project, where you're building and what you're building will determine exactly what you will need.

Do I need drawings from an engineer or architect to get a building permit?

In most cases in Ontario the homeowner is exempt from requiring a designer in order to permit a project at your home however; you must have drawings to provide to your municipality. 

What do I get with custom home design services?

We collaborate with you as your central drawing contractor by networking with other professionals to get your project together. As a result of using our custom home design services, you'll receive,depending on your project:

  • Printed Plans

  • Electronic Files

  • Autocad Files

  • Surveying Services

  • Electrical Plans

  • And much more!

Can a building permit be denied?

Permitting your project is a bit of a process. Where it is always up to your municipality whether or not a permit will be issued, most municipalities are helpful in directing you in the right direction to get your project a permit. Having someone to help you through the process can help you navigate the Provincial and municipal laws.

How much do permit drawings cost?

Each permit package is priced separately taking the following things into consideration:

  • Location of site

  • Existing documentation

  • What is being built

  • Drawing requirements

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