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Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Design


Whether you're an electrician, a contractor or a facilities manager, we can help with your electrical panel design and/or instrumentation & controls needs.


Instrumentation & Controls Design

Are you an electrician or plant manager needing to upgrade your process?


We can help from the beginning to commissioning, or anywhere in between.

With over 15 years experience working in industrial & municipal processes, we can bring continuity & ease of flow to your project.

Services we provide:

  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams

  • Instrumentation Selection/Specification

  • PLC/PAC Selection & Layout

  • Process I/O Requirements

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and produce designs that will make your project run smoothly.

Control Panel Design

Do you need to add a new control panel or update an existing panel in your system?

We specialize in the following:

  • Control Panel Designs

  • Instrumentation Wiring

  • Controller Selection & Configuration

  • I/O List

  • Low Voltage Power Distribution

  • Single Line Diagrams

Having clear, precise technical drawings will help your project run on time & on budget.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Get Started Today.

Electrical Control and Instrumentation Designs - PLC Panel.jpg

Examples of Our Work

Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Design drawings are required by most jurisdictions for building, renovations and additions. Because projects & building codes vary, your drawings will be created based on your local code requirements & project specifications. 

Image by Dawid Małecki

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